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Metro Legal Research will make sure, from the subject's county official records, that the name on the current deed or title

matches the reported owner's name, and that they legally have the right to the property.We will search for any easements, liens,

judgements or other items that may have been placed on the subject property.


Our guarantee is that we will do a complete and thorough property deed/title and tax search.  


If you have any specific requests, please feel free to contact us. 

We will be glad to discuss any of your property title and tax research needs.

                                From Recorded Document copies to a Full Title search, we can provide it all to you and at a fair competitive price.

We search the fine print to be sure of the chain of ownership and liens.

Your title search will be a comprehensive search of a home's chain of ownership and other records. The search will

discover and list any outstanding claims against the property that the seller may or may not be aware of. Our search

for you can uncover any long forgotten claims, liens or judgements by an earlier creditor, court, former spouse,

distant relative or any other. Without a proper and accurate title search, all parties envolved could be opening

themselves to liabilities and/or losses that could be prevented.